Kathleen OKeeffe
4 min readMay 20, 2020

I am starting to get the feeling that there is cosmic, karmic, or divine justice in this time. During the most formidable global crisis in our lifetimes, America is led by the ignorant, intemperate embodiment of the “id.” Unrestrained, unchained and completely lacking any semblance of empathy, “our president” spins and snarls like the Tasmanian Devil in the Bugs Bunny cartoons. He snorts and spits, blusters his way through his press conferences which should be sober and somber status reports but instead are clear demonstrations of his unfitness for the serious office which he holds. After he reads off canned remarks provided by the moral monsters that stand behind him, Miller, Javanka, he picks and chooses the sound bites he would like to put out into the universe, carelessly ad libbing his way around statistics that used to mean something to everyone. Instead the numbers are manipulated, massaged to show something other than the obvious malfeasance and incompetence of an entire administration. Yet still, despite the obviousness of the malpractice of the administration of government there are those who believe that he speaks for them, the little guy, the blue collar worker, the college dropout, the members of flyover nation, who feel protected by carrying guns when it’s masks that would do the job for this challenge.

It is the ultimate “librul,” “I-told-you-so” moment, and the consequence couldn’t be greater. The fighters of freedom, so-called patriots, who stand side by side, heaving thousands of copies of a deadly, endlessly replicating virus, into the ether for their “comrades-in-arms” to deeply inhale as they hyperventilate perceived injustices and the oppression of responsible government. Because this moment is what responsible government is indeed for. Much like “in loco parentis,” the people who are chosen to lead have been chosen for a reason. George Washington was chosen for a reason, despite his reluctance to lead. Free and fair elections are one way to find a leader, yet those have been thrown into question even/especially in this country. The concept of gerrymandering goes all the way back to 1812, so as soon as white, American men were voting, politicians were manipulating the vote. And here, today, under the moniker of “patriot” mostly men and some women, protest the actions of duly, democratically elected officials, who are listening to experts, scientists and other public health officials to see their states through the greatest crisis of their administrations. This isn’t tyranny, it’s responsible government. The literal airing of grievances, under the guise…